About me - a CV

born 1955 in Hamburg, married, 5 children, living at Altenhof near Eckernförde, GermanyAschauhofAschauhof
Study of medicine at Hamburg University

Professor of Pediatrics, University of Kiel, Germany
Editor of Anthropologischer Anzeiger
Head of the Auxological Society
Pediatric Office at Gettorf, Germany

  • 2014 Vice President of the European Anthropological Association
  • 2013 organizer of the 20th Aschauer Soiree, this time at Glücksburg Castle
  • First description of the "community effect" on human growth
  • 2011 Organizer of the 9th International Congress of the German Society for Anthropology, Gottorf Castle
  • Investigations about Global Growth Charts
  • Since 2009 studies on the social impact on growth and target height
  • Since 2009 editor of Anthropologischer Anzeiger
  • 2009 initiation of an internet-based child health prevention program
  • US Patent 20080194698
  • 2007/8 studies on the effect of fast and convenience food on appetite regulation
  • Patent EP1858501
  • 2006 private pediatric practice at Gettorf
  • Since 2005 studies of the impact of nutritional protein appetite regulation
  • 2005 study of the effects of glutamate receptor inhibition for treating binge eating disorder and obesity
  • US Patent 6701915 B1, March 9, 2004
  • 2004 Professor of medicine at Christian Albrechts University Kiel
  • Since 2003 (until 2011) council member of Gesellschaft für Anthropologie (German Society for Anthropology)
  • Since 2003 animal studies on the effect of oral glutamate during pregnancy
  • 2003 studies on the effect of oral glutamate for the development of obesity
  • Nov. 2002 Organizing "Internationalen Auxologie-Tage" Glücksburg, Germany
  • Since 2002 studies in obesity
  • 2002 cooperation with Forschungsinstitut für Kinderernährung (institute for child nutrition), Dortmund, Germany
  • 2001 cooperation with the Faculty of Mathematic, University Breslau, Poland
  • developing and patent of a new technique for treating acute asthma
  • cooperation with University of California, Irvine, USA
  • 2000 developing an automatized (internet-based) technique for detecting growth disorders during child screening investigation
  • Dec. 1997 study on child growth and development in Papua Neuguinea
  • founder of Norddeutsches Zentrum für Wachstumsforschung GmbH, Kiel
  • 1997 mentioned in Who 's Who in the World, 1997
  • Since 1996 cooperation with the auxological centre of the Children's University Hospital, Leipzig, Germany
  • Since 1995 developing new statistical approaches for describing mini growth spurts, and for producing synthetic growth reference charts
  • 1994 first description of almost circaseptane rhythmicity in short term growth of human neonates
  • developing an accurate measuring device for determining lower leg growth of preterms and neonates (Mini-Knemometry)
  • Since 1993 scientific cooperation with Prof. Tresguerres, Univ. Complutense, Madrid, Spain
    investigations on short term growth in rats
  • 1992 developing Mikro-Knemometry for accurate lower leg length measurements of rabbits and rats
  • 1992 founder of the "German Society for Auxology (Auxological Society)"
  • Since 1990 organizing annual scientific meetings (Aschauer Soiree)
  • Patent DE4140809
  • 1986 – 1989 scientific assistant at Children's University Hospital, Kiel, German
  • Since 1989 pediatric practice at Gettorf, North Germany
    1990 habilitation, start of regular teaching at Christian-Albrechts University, Kiel, Germany
  • 1985 - 1986 research fellowship, University of California, San Diego, USA
  • Since 1983 investigating short term growth (Knemometry)
  • Since 1982 scientific assistant at Children's University Hospital, Kiel, Germany (pediatric endocrinology)
  • 1981 doctor of medicine
  • 1980 – 1981 military service
  • 1980 medical degree