My projects

willi-will-wachsen: Our website helps parents and offers a simple and powerful scientific tool for analysing child growth. Longitudinal series of body height and body weight measurements are referred to local or national growth references.Afrikan child, OmuhongaAfrikan child, Omuhonga

Kindergesundheit24: is to become a free Online-service for child preventive care examinations.

backpack kangarooingbackpack kangarooing

Backpack Kangarooing: cooperating with Cornelia Gumm we investigate the effect of direct skin-to-skin contact while carrying small infants below mother's shirt.  This new approach combines simple transportation and close mother-to-child contac. First results appear promising.

Was Suppen-Kaspar und Zappel-Philipp essen sollten: A German book for children about food low in allergens.